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Alex Masserant - LSAT Instructor, Founder of LSAT Ally


               In March of 2016 I was exactly where you are now. I knew I wanted to go to law school and knew I had to take the LSAT® in order to do so but I did not know where to start. I scoured the internet for all of the information and resources I could find, purchased a prep book and lots of preptests, and poured hours into studying for the LSAT. By the time test day rolled around I had spent several months and countless hours preparing for the test. I performed well on the test, scoring a 170 – the 97th percentile. I was elated when I received my score. However, I found out later that I did not score as well as I could have.

               I went on to become an LSAT instructor for a major testing company. Through that experience, and more exposure to the LSAT, I realized two things: I had been missing strategies that would have helped me on test day and I had used strategies that were either ineffective, time consuming, or both! I also saw how much more efficient my student’s learning process was, having me to guide them through a process that I had to do hours of research to figure out on my own. 

               These insights led me to create LSAT Ally. I aim to offer students like you a resource that helps cut down on the process of getting started studying for the LSAT. With my guidance and resources on how and what to study, you have more time to actually study!

               Aside from the information, I also offer comprehensive LSAT courses and one-on-one tutoring at affordable prices. I learned the value that expert instruction can have come test day and I want to offer that to my students. See what one of my students has to say about my instruction below.

               Book a free consultation with me today to share your law school and LSAT goals, learn more about my proven methods for getting you a top LSAT score, and get on your way to performing your best on test day.

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Having Alex help me prepare for the LSAT was a life saver! Preparing for the LSAT can be a stressful time, but Alex made it much easier AND he ensured we had fun while doing so. He was always accessible and willing to be flexible to meet my needs. Alex personalized my study plan to focus on what areas I needed help with the most. He worked with me step-by-step to achieve my personal goals that we had discussed at the beginning of the course. He is extremely knowledgeable in all things law school-even beyond LSAT prep. Going into the LSAT, and law school, I felt more prepared entering with the knowledge that he gave me. I highly recommend inviting him into your LSAT prep, you will be glad you did!
Sydney S.

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