ABA 509 Reports

ABA Standard 509 information reports can be a great resource for information on law schools that you are interested in applying to. The reports provide basic information and data, including:  admissions data, application deadlines, bar passage rates, class sizes, conditional scholarships, curriculum data, financial aid deadlines, GPA & LSAT scores, grants & scholarships, JD attrition,  JD enrollment and ethnicity, living expenses, number of faculty & administrators, number of transfers, and tuition & fees.  

To help you save time finding the school that is right for you, the reports have been made available all in one place below. The reports below are organized by 2021 law school ranking (per US News: https://www.usnews.com/best-graduate-schools/top-law-schools/law-rankings) and by state. The reports are the most recent available, from 2019. You can access reports from prior years at http://www.abarequireddisclosures.org/Disclosure509.aspx

ABA 509 Reports by School Ranking

  1. Yale University
  2. Stanford University
  3. Harvard University
  4.  Colombia University (tie)
  5. University of Chicago (tied for 4th)
  6. New York University
  7. University of Pennsylvania
  8. University of Virginia
  9. Northwestern University (tie)
  10. University of California–Berkeley (tied for 9th)
  11. University of Michigan–Ann Arbor (tied for 9th)
  12. Duke University
  13. Cornell University
  14. Georgetown University
  15. University of California–Los Angeles
  16. University of Texas–Austin
  17. Washington University in St. Louis
  18. University of Southern California (Gould) (tie)
  19. Vanderbilt University (tied for 18th)
  20. Boston University
  21. University of Minnesota
  22. University of Notre Dame
  23. George Washington University
  24. Arizona State University (O’Connor) (tie)
  25. Emory University (tied for 24th)
  26. University of Florida (Levin) (tied for 24th)
  27. Fordham University (tie)
  28. University of California–Irvine (tied for 27th)
  29. University of Iowa (tied for 27th)
  30. University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill (tied for 27th)
  31. Boston College (tie)
  32. University of Alabama (tied for 31st)
  33. University of Georgia (tied for 31st)
  34. University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign (tied for 31st)
  35. Washington and Lee University (tied for 31st)
  36. William and Mary Law School (tied for 31st)
  37. Brigham Young University (Clark)
  38. Indiana University–Bloomington (Maurer) (tie)
  39. Ohio State University (Moritz) (tied for 38th)
  40. University of California–Davis (tied for 38th)
  41. University of Wisconsin–Madison (tied for 38th)
  42. George Mason University (tie)
  43. University of Washington (tied for 42nd)
  44. Wake Forest University (tied for 42nd)
  45. University of Utah (Quinney)
  46. University of Colorado–Boulder
  47. Pepperdine University (Caruso) (tie)
  48. University of Arizona (Rogers) (tied for 47th)
  49. University of Maryland (Carey) (tied for 47th)
  50. Baylor University (tie)
  51. Florida State University (tied for 50th)
  52. University of Connecticut (tied for 50th)
  53. Yeshiva University (Cardozo)
  54. Tulane University (tie)
  55. University of Richmond (tied for 54th)
  56. Southern Methodist University (Dedman) (tie)
  57. Temple University (Beasley) (tied for 56th)
  58. University of Houston (tied for 56th)
  59. University of California (Hastings)
  60. Pennsylvania State University–University Park (tie)
  61. Texas A&M University (tied for 60th)
  62. Loyola Marymount University (tie)
  63. Pennsylvania State University–Carlisle (Dickinston) (tied for 62nd)
  64. Seton Hall University (tied for 62nd)
  65. University of Nevada–Las Vegas (tied for 62nd)
  66. Villanova University (tied for 62nd)
  67. Northeastern University (tie)
  68. University of Miami (tied for 67th)
  69. University of Missouri (tied for 67th)
  70. Loyola University Chicago (tie)
  71. University of Kansas (tied for 70th)
  72. University of Kentucky (tied for 70th)
  73. University of Tennessee–Knoxville (tied for 70th)
  74. St. Johns University (tie)
  75. University of Denver (Sturm) (tied for 74th)
  76. American University (Washington) (tie)
  77. Case Western Reserve University (tied for 76th)
  78. Georgia State University (tied for 76th)
  79. Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (tied for 76th)
  80. University of Nebraska–Lincoln (tied for 76th)
  81. University of Oklahoma (tied for 76th)
  82. University of Pittsburgh (tied for 76th)
  83. Brooklyn Law School (tie)
  84. Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago-Kent) (tied for 83rd)
  85. University of Cincinnati (tied for 83rd)
  86. University of San Diego (tied for 83rd)
  87. Wayne State University (tied for 83rd)
  88. University of New Hampshire (tie)
  89. University of Oregon (tied for 88th)
  90. Florida International University (tie)
  91. Saint Louis University (tied for 90th)
  92. University of Arkansas–Fayetteville (tied for 90th)
  93. Drexel University (Kline) * (tie)
  94. Lewis & Clark College (Northwestern) (tied for 93rd)
  95. Michigan State University (tied for 93rd)
  96. Louisiana State University–Baton Rouge (Hebert) (tie)
  97. University of Hawaii–Manoa (Richardson) (tied for 96th)
  98. University of South Carolina (tied for 96th)
  99. University at Buffalo–SUNY (tie)
  100. University of Louisville (Brandeis) (tied for 99th)
  101. University of New Mexico (tied for 99th)
  102. Cleveland State University (Cleveland-Marshall) (tie)
  103. Hofstra University (Deane) (tied for 102nd)
  104. Marquette University (tied for 102nd)
  105. Drake University (tie)
  106. Stetson University (tied for 105th)
  107. CUNY (tie)
  108. Howard University (tied for 107th)
  109. Santa Clara University (tied for 107th)
  110. Washburn University (tied for 107th)
  111. Chapman University (Fowler) (tie)
  112. Syracuse University (tied for 111th)
  113. Texas Tech University (tied for 111th)
  114. The Catholic University of America (tied for 111th)
  115. University of Mississippi (tied for 111th)
  116. University of Tulsa (tied for 111th)
  117. West Virginia University (tied for 111th)
  118. Albany Law School (tie)
  119. DePaul University (tied for 118th)
  120. Gonzaga University (tied for 118th)
  121. University of St. Thomas (tied for 118th)
  122. Indiana University–Indianapolis (McKinney) (tie)
  123. Quinnipiac University (tied for 122nd)
  124. University of Maine (tied for 122nd)
  125. University of Montana (tied for 122nd)
  126. Loyola University New Orleans (tie)
  127. Mercer University (George) (tied for 126th)
  128. University of Baltimore (tied for 126th)
  129. Belmont University (tie)
  130. Duquesne University (tied for 129th)
  131. New York Law School (tied for 129th)
  132. Seattle University * (tied for 129th)
  133. Creighton University (tie)
  134. University of Missouri–Kansas City (tied for 133rd)
  135. University of Wyoming ** (tied for 133rd)
  136. Pace University (Haub) (tie)
  137. Suffolk University (tied for 136th)
  138. University of Idaho (tied for 136th)
  139. University of Toledo (tied for 136th)
  140. University of Illinois–Chicago (John Marshall)
  141. Mitchell Hamline School of Law (tie)
  142. University of Akron (tied for 141st)
  143. University of Dayton (tied for 141st)
  144. University of Memphis (Humphreys) (tied for 141st)
  145. University of South Dakota (tied for 141st)
  146. Vermont Law School (tied for 141st)
  147. Willamette University College of Law (tied for 141st)
  148. Appalachian School of Law (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  149. Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  150. Ave Maria School of Law (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  151. Barry University (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  152. California Western School of Law * (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  153. Campbell University (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  154. Capital University * (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  155. Charleston School of Law (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  156. Concordia University (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  157. Elon University (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  158. Faulkner University (Jones) (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  159. Florida A&M University (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  160. Florida Coastal School of Law (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  161. Golden Gate University (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  162. Liberty University (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  163. Lincoln Memorial University (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  164. Mississippi College (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  165. New England Law Boston (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  166. North Carolina Central University (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  167. Northern Illinois University (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  168. Northern Kentucky University (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  169. Nova Southeastern University (Broad) (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  170. Ohio Northern University (Pettit) (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  171. Oklahoma City University (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  172. Regent University (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  173. Roger Williams University (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  174. Samford University (Cumberland) (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  175. Southern Illinois University–Carbondale (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  176. Southern University Law Center (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  177. South Texas College of Law Houston (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  178. Southwestern Law School (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  179. St. Mary’s University (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  180. St. Thomas University (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  181. Texas Southern University (Marshall) (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  182. Touro College (Fuchsberg) (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  183. University of Arkansas–Little Rock (Bowen) (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  184. University of Detroit Mercy (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  185. University of Massachusetts–Dartmouth (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  186. University of North Dakota (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  187. University of San Francisco (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  188. University of the District of Colombia (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  189. University of the Pacific (McGeorge) (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  190. Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  191. Western New England University (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  192. Western State College of Law at Westcliff University * (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  193. Widener University–Delaware (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  194. Widener University–Pennsylvania (Commonwealth) (Group Rank 148th-194th)
  195. Inter-American University (Unranked)
  196. Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico (Unranked)
  197. University of North Texas–Dallas (Unranked)
  198. University of Puerto Rico (Unranked)

ABA 509 Reports by State

University of Alabama – 31 (tie)
Faulkner University (Jones) – Group Rank 148th-194th
Samford University (Cumberland) – Group Rank 148th-194th


Arizona State University (O’Connor) – 24 (tie)
University of Arizona (Rogers) – 47 (tie)

University of Arkansas–Fayetteville – 90 (tie)
University of Arkansas–Little Rock (Bowen) – Group Rank 148th-194th

Stanford University – 2
University of California–Berkeley – 9 (tie)
University of California–Los Angeles – 15
University of Southern California (Gould) – 18 (tie)
University of California–Irvine – 27 (tie)
University of California–Davis – 38 (tie)
Pepperdine University (Caruso) – 47 (tie)
University of California (Hastings) – 59
Loyola Marymount University – 62 (tie)
University of San Diego – 83 (tie)
Santa Clara University – 107 (tie)
Chapman University (Fowler)  – 111 (tie)
California Western School of Law * – Group Rank 148th-194th
Golden Gate University – Group Rank 148th-194th
Southwestern Law School – Group Rank 148th-194th
University of San Francisco – Group Rank 148th-194th
University of the Pacific (McGeorge) – Group Rank 148th-194th
Western State College of Law at Westcliff University * – Group Rank 148th-194th

University of Colorado–Boulder – 46
University of Denver (Sturm) – 74 (tie)

Yale University
 – 1
University of Connecticut – 50 (tie)
Quinnipiac University – 122 (tie)

Widener University–Delaware – Group Rank 148th-194th

University of Florida (Levin) – 24 (tie)
Florida State University – 50 (tie)
University of Miami – 67 (tie)
Florida International University – 90 (tie)
Stetson University – 105 (tie)
Ave Maria School of Law – Group Rank 148th-194th
Barry University – Group Rank 148th-194th
Florida A&M University – Group Rank 148th-194th
Florida Coastal School of Law – Group Rank 148th-194th
Nova Southeastern Univsersity (Broad) – Group Rank 148th-194th
St. Thomas University – Group Rank 148th-194th

Emory University – 24 (tie)
University of Georgia – 31 (tie)
Georgia State University – 76 (tie)
Mercer University (George) – 126 (tie)
Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School – Group Rank 148th-194th

University of Hawaii–Manoa (Richardson) – 96 (tie)

University of Idaho – 136 (tie)
Concordia University – Group Rank 148th-194th

University of Chicago – 4 (tie)
Northwestern University – 9 (tie)
University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign – 31 (tie)
Loyola University Chicago – 70 (tie)
Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago-Kent) – 83 (tie)
DePaul University – 118 (tie)
University of Illinois–Chicago (John Marshall) – 140
Northern Illinois University – Group Rank 148th-194th
Southern Illinois University–Carbondale – Group Rank 148th-194th

University of Notre Dame – 22
Indiana University–Bloomington (Maurer) – 38 (tie)
Indiana University–Indianapolis (McKinney) – 122 (tie)

University of Iowa – 27 (tie)
Drake University – 105 (tie)

University of Kansas – 70 (tie)
Washburn University – 107 (tie)

University of Kentucky – 70 (tie)
University of Louisville (Brandeis) – 99 (tie)
Northern Kentucky University – Group Rank 148th-194th

Tulane University – 54 (tie)
Louisiana State University–Baton Rouge (Hebert) – 96 (tie)
Loyola University New Orleans – 126 (tie)
Southern University Law Center – Group Rank 148th-194th

University of Maine – 124 (tie)

University of Maryland (Carey) – 47 (tie)
University of Baltimore – 126 (tie)

Harvard University -3
Boston University – 20
Boston College – 31 (tie)
Northeastern University – 67 (tie)
Suffolk University – 136 (tie)
New England Law Boston – Group Rank 148th-194th
University of Massachusetts–Dartmouth – Group Rank 148th-194th
Western New England University – Group Rank 148th-194th

University of Michigan–Ann Arbor – 9 (tie)
Wayne State University – 83 (tie)
Michigan State University – 93 (tie)
University of Detroit Mercy – Group Rank 148th-194th
Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School – Group Rank 148th-194th

University of Minnesota – 21
University of St. Thomas – 118 (tie)
Mitchell Hamline School of Law – 141 (tie)

University of Mississippi – 111 (tie)
Mississippi College – Group Rank 148th-194th

Washington University in St. Louis – 17 
University of Missouri – 67 (tie)
Saint Louis University – 90 (tie)
University of Missouri–Kansas City – 133 (tie)

University of Montana – 122 (tie)

University of Nebraska–Lincoln – 76 (tie)
Creighton University – 133 (tie)

University of Nevada–Las Vegas – 62 (tie)

New Hampshire
University of New Hampshire – 88 (tie)

New Jersey
Seton Hall University – 62 (tie)
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey – 76 (tie)

New Mexico
University of New Mexico – 99 (tie)

New York
Colombia University – 4 (tie)
New York University – 6
Cornell University – 13
Fordham University – 27 (tie)
Yeshiva University (Cardozo) – 53
St. Johns University – 74 (tie)
Brooklyn Law School – 83 (tie)
University at Buffalo–SUNY – 99 (tie)
Hofstra University (Deane) – 102 (tie)
CUNY – 107 (tie)
Syracuse University – 111 (tie)
Albany Law School – 118 (tie)
New York Law School – 129 (tie)
Pace University (Haub) – 136 (tie)
Touro College (Fuchsberg) – Group Rank 148th-194th

North Carolina
Duke University – 12
University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill – 27 (tie)
Wake Forest University – 42 (tie)
Campbell University – Group Rank 148th-194th
Elon University – Group Rank 148th-194th
North Carolina Central University – Group Rank 148th-194th

North Dakota
University of North Dakota – Group Rank 148th-194th

Ohio State University (Moritz) – 38 (tie)
Case Western Reserve University – 76 (tie)
University of Cincinnati – 83 (tie)
Cleveland State University (Cleveland-Marshall) – 102 (tie)
University of Toledo – 136 (tie)
University of Akron – 141 (tie)
University of Dayton – 141 (tie)
Capital University * – Group Rank 148th-194th
Ohio Northern University (Pettit) – Group Rank 148th-194th

University of Oklahoma – 76 (tie)
University of Tulsa – 111 (tie)
Oklahoma City University – Group Rank 148th-194th

University of Oregon – 88 (tie)
Lewis & Clark College (Northwestern) – 93 (tie)
Willamette University College of Law – 141 (tie)

University of Pennsylvania – 7
Temple University (Beasley) – 56 (tie)
Pennsylvania State University–University Park – 60 (tie)
Pennsylvania State University–Carlisle (Dickinston) – 62 (tie)
Villanova University – 62 (tie)
University of Pittsburgh – 76 (tie)
Drexel University (Kline) * – 93 (tie)
Duquesne University – 129 (tie)
Widener University–Pennsylvania (Commonwealth) – Group Rank 148th-194th

Puerto Rico
Inter-American University – Unranked
Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico – Unranked
University of Puerto Rico – Unranked

Rhode Island
Roger Williams University – Group Rank 148th-194th

South Carolina
University of South Carolina – 96 (tie)
Charleston School of Law – Group Rank 148th-194th

South Dakota
University of South Dakota – 141 (tie)

Vanderbilt University – 18 (tie)
University of Tennessee–Knoxville – 70 (tie)
Belmont University – 129 (tie)
University of Memphis (Humphreys) – 141 (tie)
Lincoln Memorial University – Group Rank 148th-194th

University of Texas–Austin – 16
Baylor University – 50 (tie)
Southern Methodist University (Dedman) – 56 (tie)
University of Houston – 56 (tie)
Texas A&M University – 60 (tie)
Texas Tech University – 111 (tie)
South Texas College of Law Houston – Group Rank 148th-194th
St. Mary’s University – Group Rank 148th-194th
Texas Southern University (Marshall) – Group Rank 148th-194th
University of North Texas–Dallas – Unranked

Brigham Young University (Clark) – 37
University of Utah (Quinney) – 45

Vermont Law School – 141 (tie)

University of Virginia – 8
Washington and Lee University – 31 (tie)
William and Mary Law School – 31 (tie)
George Mason University – 42 (tie)
University of Richmond – 54 (tie)
Appalachian School of Law  – Group Rank 148th-194th
Liberty University – Group Rank 148th-194th
Regent University – Group Rank 148th-194th

University of Washington – 42 (tie)
Gonzaga University – 118 (tie)
Seattle University * – 129 (tie)

Washington, D.C.
Georgetown University – 14
George Washington University – 23
American University (Washington) – 76 (tie)
Howard University – 107 (tie)
The Catholic University of America – 111 (tie)
University of the District of Colombia – Group Rank 148th-194th

West Virginia
West Virginia University – 111 (tie)

University of Wisconsin–Madison – 38 (tie)
Marquette University – 102 (tie)

University of Wyoming ** – 133 (tie)

*Drexel University (Kline), Seattle University, California Western School of Law, Capital University, and Western State College of Law at Westcliff University have only made the report available to download so the provided links lead to their website where you can download the report. 
** University of Wyoming has not made the ABA 509 report available online anywhere as far as I can tell. The link provided leads to the ABA website where you can search for the report.