Free Resources

Quality resources that won't cost you a dime!

Studying for the LSAT® shouldn’t have to break the bank. Some free resources are compiled here to save you money and, more importantly, your time searching for free resources on the internet. 

Free resources are not always quality and can sometimes even waste your time. The resources included below are quality resources that can help at no cost to you.

Practice Tests

LSAC has made the June 2007 LSAT freely available online. It is in the written format and can be found in English here: or in Spanish here:

LSAC has also made two Official LSAT Pretests available in the digital format. These can be found by following this link: clicking on the “Get Started with LSAT Prep Today” button on the left and either signing into your LSAC account or creating a new account. 

ABA 509 Reports

ABA 509 reports are reports that law schools endorsed by the ABA have to release every year. There is a lot of information included in these reports such as LSAT, GPA, and scholarship medians.

These reports can be good resources to use to set goals for your LSAT score, figure out where you should apply to law school, and help you get insight into the likelihood of receiving scholarship.

ABA 509 reports can be accessed through the ABA 509 Reports blog post or through the ABA’s website here:

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